what could be wrong if your vaginal discharge has fishy odor?


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  • i have had a lot of discharge and it is white and smells of fish what is wrong
  • what is wrong when vagina smells like fish
  • whats wrong if my discharge smells funny
  • whats wrong when vagina has a strong smell
  • whats wrong when vagina smells like sulphur
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5 Responses to what could be wrong if your vaginal discharge has fishy odor?

  1. Chula says:

    You might have what is known as Chlamydia or Trick.
    Not a healthy sign so see your Gyn immediately.

  2. Whats it to ya? says:

    Could be a slight yeast infection. Although the scent from discharge changes depending on where you are in your cycle so it will be stronger at other times than others.

  3. TONY C says:

    Classic Trichomonas vaginitis.

  4. ana donya says:

    try douching (you can buy them at any drug store for a couple bucks). use the medicated kind. if you have any irritation a day or so after using as directed on the box, see a doctor – it could be an infection

  5. LINDA R says:

    You might have an infection. See a doctor right away.

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