What color does vaginal discharge look like when its dried to your underwear?


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Lol girls please? Haha but i was just wondering. im almost 15 and yes i have my period and the whole package but im not sure if its vaginal discharge or what lol. And doesnt panty liners make it not go to your underwear? Because i use tampons and i hate pads because i feel like i have a wad of paper between my legs or like a towel. Thanks!

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  1. It’s clear/white and crusty. ><

    Yes, panty liners are very thin pads, basically, for light bleeding or discharge problems.
    Tampons and maxi pads will be for heavy/regular period bleeding.

    Fun fact: before pads, women actually did have to use towels. D:

  2. Believe me honey. At your age youve expeirenced this at least once,You might have not have known,But you have. Its white,Guey,Crusty,And grose

  3. Discharge comes out white/yellow and very milky and sticky. When its dried up, it turns a brownish shade and becomes crusty.

  4. this is absolutley disgusting haha but its like all the other said white and crusty haha eww 😮

  5. I have brown crusty stuff in my under waire is it because I’m getting ready to start cause it time of the month

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