wel wat does it mean when u have a bad odor in ur vagina?


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is this odor bad o is it because its a infection need answers….plz?

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  1. What kind of odor? The female vagina smells not so great even if there is no infection so be more specific with the smell. Fishy is normal. Bread like smell usually means a yeast infection. A smell similar to bleach or rotten eggs could mean an infection.

  2. Means you need some odor blockers then.
    You might want to see your gynecologist. Possibly may be an indicator of something more worse.
    However keep in mind that everyone has different smells and strengths of smells.

  3. Either you have bacteria vaginosis, an STD, a yeast infection, or you are sweaty and need a shower. Also wearing panties other than those made out of cotton can cause odor b/c the vagina can not breathe. Try wearing cotton underware during the day and not wearing undies at night time (this gives your vagina air and time to breathe; think of it as if you were trapped in a bag all day, you'd need air right?) Use mild shower gel or glycerin soap, if you still smell bad, visit the doc ASAP. And FISHY smelling odor is not normal at all!!!!

  4. Probably b/c it needs to be washed… if it is clean than maybe there is a bacterial infection- you need to see a gynocologist for that.

  5. a healthy, clean vagina doesn't smell.

    you sound like you have an infection of some type. See your doctor.

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