weight gain and vaginal odor?

since i have gained weight after having my children my vagina has a smell now before it didnt smell or taste of anythng now even the next morning after i shower it has a faint fish smell and i have gone to the doc and they said nothing was wrong i have sex with only my husband does it have something to do with my weight gain?


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  1. snapple says:

    is he cheating on you? I had a boyfriend cheat on me throughout our relationship and was experiencing some smells, but when I left him (after a year, because he got someone pregnant right after we got together and didnt know till the kid was born….) I noticed I felt cleaner and most of all SMELLED clean! I'm not trying to make you think anything, just telling you a story that I have…

    I dont think it would have anything to do with weight gain…

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