watery vaginal discharge and painful cramps?


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I was on nuvaring for two months started my third month but took it out after only being in for two days. I was having bad cramps then and thought it was the bc. But after I took it out the cramps haven't stopped. I had a 5 day withdrawal bleed after I quit and the cramps continue. I had sex, we used a condom right before I quit taking it. Now I am having some pregnancy symptoms – constipation/diarrhea, constant cramps like period cramps, tired, headaches. I have also been having watery discharge for over a week. The last sexual encounter, with a condom!, was 22 days ago and I've been taking hpts and they're all negative. I am not late for my period but don't know when to expect it since my cycle could be off from stopping birth control. I'm scared I'm pregnant but the cramps have been constant since before stopping the birth control? Now all this watery discharge?? What is going on. Any ideas what might cause this besides pregnancy?
no smell really

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  1. Is there any type of foul odor? If so does it smell fishy or like yeast? Once you answer this question, I can answer your question fully

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