Vaginal yeast infection with pelvic and abdominal pain?


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I have been diagnosed by a doctor with a vaginal yeast infection. I took diflucan and am using nytatin. My previous symptoms were burning pain on the outside and inside of my vagina, redness all over down there, and tons of disharge. Now I’ve been getting pelvic and abdominal pains. They are sometimes at my vagina and shoot up. Sometimes they are in my lower abdomen on both sides. It hurts to sit or stand or lay down or do anything. It’s not severe pain. But it’s definatly there and moderate in strength. Sometimes it also goes into my back and near an ovary. It’s Sunday and my doctors office isn’t open. Should I call the on call doctor or call tomorrow? Is this normal with yeast infections? I’m also waiting for the results of a gonorrhea and chlamydia test. All I know is it hurts and is very uncomfortable.

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  1. it sounds more like either a cyst or pelvic infection. most yeast infections do not cause pelvic pain. shooting vaginal pain, yes it does, especially if its clearing up. thats normal. now, make sure you look at the side effects of diflucan. i dont remember having ab pain and pelvic pain with both monistat and diflucan. but everyone is different. drink loads of water, take a tylenol and relax. call you’re doctor tomorrow and ask about your sti results.

    good luck hun.

  2. when i was pregnant of my son i had the same things you had BUT its not normal bcuz u say that it hurts when u lay or even sit! this is not normal call your doc as soon as possible! it can get worse.

  3. Maybe BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) go to your doctor im being treated as we speak and I had the same problems

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