Vaginal wipes help decrease chance of yeast infection?


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I have pretty good hygein when it comes to…down there. however one day my bf n I were about to have intercourse but my vag smelled soooo bad. like worse then ever before. I was afraid it could be a yeast infection. we looked some things up n I the only symptoms of a yeast infection I seemed to have would be soreness and pain during intercourse/urination. Since I’m so tight I have ALWAYS had pain in the beginning of intercourse and soreness afterwards. I have also had UTI before so I’ve had burning when I urinated. However I have gone to the doctor to take care of that problem already. my last doctor visit was about a week n a half ago. but this stench came up 2 days ago n now I’m using vaginal wipes for the smell but wld it protect against a possible yeast infection?

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  1. No, and they may make your problem worse. Too many fragrances/chemicals/soaps in that area can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria and cause yeast and other infections. Just use water and mild soap without fragrance.

    I would go back to the doctor again. It could be a yeast infection but you may have some other type of infection that needs antibiotics? Yeast infections usually cause discharge, so it wouldn’t be my first guess.

  2. Chances are that if you saw a Dr for a UTI you were given antibiotics.

    A common side effect of antibiotics is to develop a yeast infection.

    Back to the Dr’s and get this confirmed and treatment.

    Vaginal wipes will make a yeast infection worse.

  3. In case you are having foul odor it may be that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis and not yeast infection. What about your discharge is it whitish grey( bacterial vaginosis symptom) or is it thick white and cottage cheese like(yeast infection symptom).

    Stop using vaginal wipes.Most of these contain chemical which cause more harm than good. They infact encourage the growth of bacteria responsible for your problem and worsen your condiiton.

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