vaginal white discharge no burn or itch just a very bad smell?

Ok so i have been having this very bad smelling white discharge alot of it an theres no burn or itch but its just a very bad smell can anyone tell me what this might be??
an im pregnant can i still get the medication for the bacterial infection?


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6 Responses to vaginal white discharge no burn or itch just a very bad smell?

  1. Cadence M says:

    its just a normal discharge nothing to worry about :)

  2. spark says:

    a bacterial infection or HPV get tested! wait a minute how is it normal when she says it is a very bad smell, now we all know as women sometimes we have our issues once a month but we all know what that is from, but when it gets to the point when it is a bad smell something else is going on in that funky monkey and it needs to get taken care of. I do apologize for being so blunt but hey its me.

  3. confuzzed says:

    possible causes, pregnancy, ovulation (3-4 days), yeast infection but doesnt really sound like one, std, diet (lots of red meats or junk food), woman are effected that way by so so many possibilities, best to see a gyno if it doesn't clear up. If you want tell me your age ect and Ill answer more specifically

  4. steve says:

    it depends on whether or not this is something that occurred fairly recently or it is something that you have always had. if this is recent, then you may have an infection.

    the fact that the discharge is white, leads one to believe that it may be a yeast infection. yeast infections dont always cause itching or burning unless they go untreated for a while. they also smell like yeast, which is not exactly a bad smell, but its not the same as your usual odor.

    on the other hand, a bad smell usually indicates a bacterial infection. if it is indeed a bad smell and it is a smell that is different than your usual smell, you should get it checked out and possibly take an antibiotic to clear up the infection.

    so, if an over the counter yeast infection medication doesnt make a difference, then you probably need to see the doctor for the antibiotics. good luck.

  5. Mayor says:

    please stop! You didn't have to give so much details!

  6. violetpretty85 says:

    Sounds like bacterial vaginosis. It's really common, sort of like the sister to the yeast infection. It's characterized by a lot of foul smelling discharge, and usually is at it's worst right after sex. It won't go away on it's own, but a Dr. can prescribe you some antibiotics that will clear it up in a couple of days.

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