Vaginal Swelling/Yeast Infection?


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So apparantly I have had a yeast infection for a while but I never really noticed it, but I just got off my period so now its back but REALLY bad. To the point of crying. But all the insides of my vagina are REALLY swollen and hurt extremely bad. I did the one day treatment of Monistat for the yeast infection and I was so swollen it was hard to even put the insert inside of me I was so swollen. How do I get the swelling down??? I can't get to the doctor for a while because I don't really have any money so I have to wait to go to the free clinic. But until then I just really want the swelling to go down. Any ideas?? Please help, I'm begging you!!! :'(''

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  1. Not yeast infection std in the medicine didn't take the swelling down got doctor explain to them what going on.You might not be able to have kids so go to the docs before it to late.and a disease pid.Your insides should be swollen got to doctor and get rid of it sounds like not that medicice can't fix

  2. ok, so this could be a yeast infection, but it could also be an std…
    putting off going to a doctor in this case could be quite dangerous…. you may end up with difficulty peeing…..

    for some immediate relife, try having a warm (body temp) shallow bath with a quater cup of salt dissolved in it…
    this will probably sting to begin wih but will actually soothe it….
    then get your self to a clinic…..

  3. I've had this and it wasn't an STD but a result of rough sex, which can bring a lot of the bacteria etc. from inside you where they're under control to the surface where your body is not designed to fight it from.
    Doctor confirmed. I don't know if you have the same, but for me I literally couldn't walk without it really hurting, I had to sit there taking cold baths and holding ice packs againts it trying to get it to not hurt all the time. The ice packs helped it go down, but it was very inconvenient. The doctor can prescribe something to get rid of it or else your body should naturally expell it if you are healthy but it will take longer.
    I heard that washing it in natural unflavoured yoghurt helps but I didn't try it and I am doubtful as to how much it would help.
    Mine cleared up by the time I got an appointment with the doctor and they said that's quite common.
    But it was very painful. I would go and get a prescription to clear it, because personally I hate pain. And if you've had it a while it means your body isn't already fighting it enough, and it could be something else too;.

  4. The only suggestion I have is putting an ice pack on it for like 20 minutes at a time. The fact that it is so swollen is somewhat worrying me. That seems to be a lot of swelling. How soon can you get to the free clinic? They gotta have soemthing for you to get in soon, don't they?

    At any rate, best wishes….And yes, sit on an ice pack!!!

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