vaginal sores and discharge?

what could the problem be. there are sores around the vagina, more discharge and constant pain especially when urinating.
what is the possible diagnisis?


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9 Responses to vaginal sores and discharge?

  1. Anna says:

    Urine infection, thrush, or perhaps herpes? Quite likely an STD.

  2. aWellWisher says:

    Common is Bartholyn abscess that got burst open.
    Adequate drainage and treatment with antibiotics should solve the problem.
    Age of the patient and sexual history will help in diagnosis.

  3. Lupe Love says:

    To be honest, it could be herpes. When I got it, I had 1 sore, then it spread all over, had a mucus discharge and it killed me to pee when it would touch any of the sores You need to go get tested ASAP! Call your doctor or go to the health dept

  4. Bridget R says:

    go get it checked it better b safe than sorry

  5. Lindsey says:

    sorry to say but i think its herpes. the symptoms sound familiar, but u should get to a doctor and get properly tested and diagnosed for herpes.

  6. Jenni Fraun says:


  7. spongebobrogers says:

    Sounds like Herpes. Get checked. They can put you on an antiviral med to calm it down and prevent future breakouts

  8. pittmansandi says:

    herpes as others suggested… also could be genital warts…

  9. Moe says:

    if there is no discharge, then its not herpes.

    sounds like maybe from scratching?
    or sex without enough lubrication, it can be a number of things.
    go get it checked out.

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