Vaginal smelly, itchy, bloody discharge?


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I am 15 and 2 days ago i finished my period and since then i have had this very smelly but not very noticeable discharge. Also it was a bit itchy yesterday but isn’t any more. After i have a pee and i wipe myself i can see a very slight pinky colour of blood but it doesn’t leave my vagina. Now it just feels very slightly sore. Its not possible to be STDs and im too embarrassed to tell anyone about it let alone go to the doctor. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!
I have looked up nearly every possible infection and the closest it comes to is candida or yeast infection but still the symptoms dont exactly match as i dont have any pain while passing urine and i dont have that thick white cottage cheese discharge.. i dont really have any discharge but it just smells different from usual. I went ahead with a natural treatment recommended for candida which is putting natural yoghurt onto a tampon and inserting for a few hours but when i took it out i noticed these very smell specks of blood (like little tiny spots) on the bottom of the tampon so now im even more worried!

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  1. Discharge is supposed to be smelly… After all it is coming out of where you pee.

  2. What does it smell like? Are you saying there’s a discharge as well as blood when you wipe, or the discharge is the pinkish color? I’m thinking you may have a yeast infection because of the itchiness. Women are more prone to getting them around the time they get their period. I’d strongly recommend that you let either a doctor know or your mom.

  3. It could be thrush – a very common yeast imbalance.

    Best get it checked out though. Don’t worry, medics have seen it all before.

  4. Sounds like a infection.
    Do the simple thing and get it checked out.
    You’re 15 years old so start acting like it, lol.
    If you’re too embarrassed to go and get help for something that could be -serious- you really don’t care about your health.

    They have "Family Planning" clinics that are free.
    Find your local center and make a appointment asap.

  5. The importance of knowing your STD symptoms will make you knowledgeable on the present condition of your body. STD testing is one way to know if you are really STD infected.

  6. It could be bacterial vaginosis, the most common of all vaginal infections in women. The following signs and symptoms may indicate a presence of bacterial vaginosis:

    Abnormal amounts of vaginal discharge
    Thick or thin amounts of vaginal discharge with a white or grey color
    A strong, fish-like odor of the vagina (especially right after sexual intercourse)
    A burning sensation sometimes while urinating
    Itching and discomfort around the outside of the vagina

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