vaginal smell with no infection?


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I have an odd smell that comes on about 2 hours after showering, even if I don't urinate. So I went to have checkup and doc says smear came back fine it's normal. I explained to him that I didn't like the scent and he rather crudely said well if your man aint complaning why worry? Needless to say I have switched to a female doctor. Just because I thought the guy was a jerk, I had a 2nd smear. She too said no problems,,but said it could be something I was eating/drinking. I only drink water/juice/green tea, no soda or coffee or milk. So she said well it's just something you have to live with. I don't want too! I don't like it and am to be married soon, I don't want my man getting near it..2nd doc said it was mild and I was over exaggerating, but my nose smells it. Any ideas? I've not done a douche in 20 years as they say they kill good bacteria..

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  1. honestly i think EVERY woman worries about that. i know i do but when i ask my BF he says he loves it. one thing i AM a big fan of is using baby wipes instead of toilet paper, it just really helps me feel fresh all day long. summers eve makes a feminine wipe but i found that regular baby wipes are just as good and cheaper just make sure u get the flushable type. after dark products even makes some that are mango or vanilla scented but once again i prefer the regular baby wipes. hope that helps….

  2. You can use those special cleansers… there are heaps of them out there and they're just more gentle, rather than using soap etc

    Perhaps you have a yeast infection?? Although that shouldnt affect the scent…

    My advicve would be to drink loooooaaaddds of water!!! And drink pineapple juice – this is supposed to be the best thing for weird smells etc.

    There are heaps of different foods and drinks that you can avoid/have more of – just Google it and there will be heaps of info

  3. Maybe you're eating too much tuna.

    Sometimes a few good soldiers have to die for the rest to win the battle…

  4. try less acidic foods and drinks sometimes the acid make you smell more sour. also keep wet wipes or baby wipes in the bathroom to freshen up with after a bathroom break and they make travel size too the is what i do now and then. good luck and i agree with the dr. decisions you made if you are not happy with one try another one you mesh with better i have had 4 new ones in 1 year. i finally have a great one a man that is so nice, a great listener and he never never seems to be in a rush to get out of the room.

  5. I noticed a change in the smell of my vagina some months ago. I went for smear and he result came out negative. Though while taking the sample, the nurse noticed the foul smell. I really, feel uncomfortable whenever I perceive that odour and knowing it’s from my body.

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