Vaginal odor similar to armpit smell?

I've recently noticed a vaginal odor similar to that of armpit odor when not wearing deodorant. What type of infection might this be? Bacterial? Yeast? There aren't any other symptoms except mild itching. No unusual discharge or anything. Thanks.
I've been showering twice a day. It recently started happening.


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30 Responses to Vaginal odor similar to armpit smell?

  1. wantsshy says:

    it might just be sweaty thighs/crotch

  2. SumDumNigger says:

    ewwww consult a doctor or douche

  3. musicman47 says:

    You might want to contact your doctor on this :)

  4. bayoubelle24 says:

    with itching it is possibly a yeast infection. try an over the counter medication and see if that helps.

  5. GuJu says:

    this is seriously disgusting couldn't you ask your mom or a friend.

  6. french girl says:


  7. youngj042004 says:

    sometimes what you eat can come out of your vaginal rather than your mouth it happens to my friend seriously

  8. Hard Rock says:

    See a doctor.

  9. beez says:

    This sounds like the sweat glands on either side of the vagina. Deodorant can be used there, too.

  10. jess l says:

    i don't think it's an infection. i've asked my ob before and he said it was normal. he told me to wear looser clothes from time to time and buy some femenin deoderant spray. but i never had to buy the spray. i wore baggy jeans from time to time and it seemed to help. i think it's just sweat to be honest.

  11. bentong says:

    a what! first time heard of this,

  12. lees says:

    you have thrush,its a yeast infction,a chemist will sort you out

  13. 8196 says:

    douche that sh*t

  14. Lou A says:

    sounds like you have been riding in a new york taxi to much.

  15. Sarah Q says:

    This might be a bacterial infection. Whatever it is though, you need to get it checked out. No need for alarm, its probably fine, but only a doctor can diagnose you.

  16. silverblue says:

    It may just be a pubic odor, not a vaginal one. It could just be sweat. Good luck.

  17. T Rick says:

    could be yeast infection. Go to the nearest drug store and stock up.

  18. Christian B says:

    Yikes! That can't be good. It may not be anything. Let's face it: the vagina is in a dark crevice of a place and often doesn't get adequate air flow. Sleep sans panties each night, wash the ol' girl a few times a day with vaginal wipes and see if it clears up. Hope this helps. By the way, I'm a dude so I could wrong. Good luck, Sweetie!

  19. funion says:

    it might just need a good cleaning. do use douching excessively as it will clean it too much and cause an infection.

  20. Michael T says:

    I agree with the sweating but it could also be the start of a yeast infection. I would get one of those OTC tests that you can get now to see if it is a yeast or could be something more.

  21. angel_nurse82 says:

    I dunno, but sounds like you need to make an appt. with your doctor.

  22. MsKelly says:

    do you get the scent when you dont where femmine deodorant spray or deodorant under your armpits ?

  23. B says:

    You might have an Bacterial infection i think you should go see your doctor

  24. Tweedle Dee says:

    It could be an infection, yeast most likely. If it was pubic sweat there shouldn't be itching I don't think.

  25. missiexox says:

    Honestly all it is, is that ur sweating down there. just put alittle deorderent down there(not right on the vagina) and you should be fine.

  26. muppetkiller_2000 says:

    Pheromones are the odors that emanate from armpit, genitalia and one's head. Maybe you just have an acute sense of smell.

    The odor would be the same, straight out of the shower. Bacteria cause the odor to be stronger. Maybe you have overactive sweat glands, too many bacteria or you might want to take a shower more often.

  27. pureelements says:

    Don't take chances. If you have an odor like that go to the doctor. No one can guess about that for you. It may be the wrong guess and you would be paying for it. An odor means the tissue is diseased and needs treatment. Take care.

  28. Tom V says:

    A slight scent, a little like "clean sweat" smell, is normal. In fact, it's one of the things I enjoy about getting intimate with her. I'd miss it if it were gone.

    Strong or unpleasant odors might warrant medical attention.

  29. blondbomber67 says:

    Stress sweat! It's a real pain! I use a deodorant called CRYSTAL.100% natural mineral stick.It looks like a salt rock that comes out of a round jar tube thingy. I got mine at Drugmart. Any health type store will have it. Bought mine for $5 2 yrs ago,only half gone. After you bathe, towel dry, rub the stick all over your arm pits, then use it on your pubic hairs and ass crack. Will not burn you. The secret is to have a little moisture, so the stick can dissolve where your applying it. You'll NEVER buy a regular deoderant again. There is no scent. Even if you start sweating during work or whatever, just roll that where ever your moist!

  30. bridget says:

    Your ph balance if off. There are lots of soaps you can you to correct that. If the soap doesn't work go to a doctor, you may have an infection.

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