vaginal odor!? i smell funny

Im not shur if it's me or what but, i think i smell funny. I just dont want a guy to go down and smell then come back up and say no. I really dont know what to do. Please help!

Thank You!


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9 Responses to vaginal odor!? i smell funny

  1. kellypickernose says:

    you might be near starting your period, you might have a slight unbalance, or you might have been amsturbating to vigorously

  2. crazycaligrl15 says:

    when you shower wash down there with a mild soap and be sure to rinse well, you should be fine. everyone has a smell down there so.

  3. Kristen? says:

    Wash better!
    I'm not sure.

  4. Ms.Daniels says:

    wash it everyday if the smell don't go away than go c a doc

  5. lilcowboy0908 says:

    if it is really you, you should first wash it the use a douche and clean it out i can assure you it will smell fresh if you dont know how to use it read the box or the douche bottle it self

  6. Frickin AWESOME says:

    evey one smells different, thats y they are lovely

  7. mpamela56 says:


  8. WeLoveOurWeasels says:

    Eat lots of fruits like strawberries and eat plently of organic yogurt you probably have a bacterium overgrowth and need more good bacteria to even it out. Whatever you do don't douche too much and if you can't help it don't do it all all as it gets rid of all bacteriums good and bad so it will most likely dry you out and cause some problems. I had the same problem with my boyfriend of 3 years and I found the stuff like fruits can actually help you taste more sweet. Watch what you eat. If you eat a lot of junk food you will smell and taste like junk food. Just remember the phrase you are what you eat. :] hope this helps.

    Also like everyone says wash every day and make sure if you have to stick a finger in the while washing (no soap inside the vagina) just water as hot as you can handle and try to work some of that smell out

  9. hooyutoo2 says:

    You have to learn from experience what is within the normal range of 'fragrances' and when it is a smell. The color of the normal discharge and smell tells a lot. If the color is clear or white and thin or smooth – that's pretty normal. If the discharge is clumpy and white or greenish or gray – not good. If you smell like fish -that's a BAD sign. If you are itchy – bad sign. If it smells sorta like, pardon the phrase, armpit – normal. If it is STRONG armpit smell ummmm, that's questionable. It's all a learning process. We are human – we have aromas – we're supposed to. It's in the intensity that we have to gauge healthy from unhealthy.

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