Vaginal odor? I am 9 weeks pregnant with number 2


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I thought maybe I had a yeast Infection but i have no other symptoms, no burning when i pee, no itchy-ness, no discharge, no discomfort at all only a odor. Any one know what this could be?

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I am 9 weeks pregnant with number 2.
I just had my daughter in October.
(Needless to say depo did not work.) I received my depo shot one month to the day of having my daughter (Nov. 22nd) . I am a clean Person I take showers, its not caused because of me being dirty. Lets be mature about this, and if any one who isn't i hope the true Yahoo' ers out there will give you a bad rating! Thank you!
**edit** No I don't take any medicine at all, never have , not even tylenol, or any headache… not much of a pill taker, Haven't even taken any prenatal s (I know I need to just haven't got any yet)

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  1. Usually if there is a problem, you would have a discharge. With none present, I'd ask your doctor about it. Could just be a change in your hormones from being pregnant too. Are you taking any meds, meds can change your system & cause that too.

  2. I would call your ob/gyn, especially since you are pregnant. Bacterial vaginosis can cause an odor as can other things like trichomonas. Your ob/gyn will know if it is normal or an abnormal odor and probably do some cultures just in case.

  3. Sounds hormonal made worse by a heightened sense of smell.

    I had the same thing with my daughter at about the same time, maybe a little earlier. Honestly I could not stand myself but my partner said he could not smell me, at all.

    FYI it got worse esp. after sex … then it went away and shortly after I started to crave caramel apples! Lots of caramel apples …

    So I think you are fine, but it may make you feel better to talk to your doc.

  4. you dont want anything going on in your body to affect the baby. go have it checked out, better safe than sorry

  5. If it is a stron, "fishy" type of odor, it is likely Bacterial Vaginitis. This is usually accompanied by increased discharge. It is not transmitted sexually. It can be treated with medication prescribed by your doctor. It is caused by an unbalanced pH in your vagina. Do not take baths, but showers, and do not douche.

  6. The vaginal odor can be caused from your pregnancy or from your depo shot. However, just because you take showers and claim to be a clean person, doesn't mean you will automatically be clean down there or have your vaginal area odorless. To be on the safe side, you should definitely see your doctor because if it can be something that none of us can answer. Also, it depends on how it smells. If it smells fishy it can just be an infection that only takes some cream or pills to clean up. But again, you should see your doctor to be on the safe side.

  7. I have heard from my friends that the odor down there changed when you are pregnant..try eating some strawberries 🙂

  8. i had the same problem when i was preggies with my 2nd baby. The only thing that help with the odor was drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, it toke the smell away.

    gd luck

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