Vaginal odor during early pregnancy?


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Ok,Ill make this one more clear cause last time it didnt really help.Can you have VAGINAL odor during early pregnancy?Like it started about a week ago,it kinda smells like my boyfriends cum but stronger.Now is that normal or should i go get checked.Im pretty sure its not an infection or anything..Im pretty clean and stuff when it comes to "down there" but help please??

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  1. That's normal.Some women do experience this and nothing is wrong at all.

  2. Does it smell worse after sex? Maybe even kind of fishy..

    I got that, and it was an infection. I had bacterial vaginosis, I believe its common with pregnancy because of all your hormone changes. I am also a ''very clean'' person when it comes to down there, but that's not something you can control if it is what you have.

    Just go to the doctor they will take a swab of it, and my doctor was able to tell me within 5 minutes…She gave me an antibiotic I took for 7 days and I've been good to go since!

  3. "Down there" on me smells the same as usual. I have more discharge but it doesn't smell like anything. You may want to get checked and have them do a pregnancy test if you don't already know you are pregnant. It could be nothing or it could be something. It's good to be safe. You could even get one of those Vagisl screening kits to screen for infection.

  4. Yeah its normal. I recall my husband saying during labor that it smelled really bad! lol

  5. Hi my name is Vanessa L. too…… Yes it can smell a little different,. your hormones are changing, and it can be a bit different. If you have no other symptoms then I wouldn't worry…. just mention it at your next OB appointment… Good luck!

  6. It defintaly wouldnt hurt to go get it checked. It could very well be an infection and you not know it. It doesnt matter how clean you are down there, infections can still happen. I would go get it checked just to be safe.

  7. most women who get yeast infections are the cleanest, just because you get an infection doesnt mean you're dirty and a lot of women get them for the first time when they are pregnant… but there is a lot of "extra" fluid when you are pregnant, it normal, BUT i'd go see a doctor any way because i am not a doctor and its different for EVERY women

  8. If you are having foul smelling discharge, especially if you notice a change in the color, speak with your Dr. soon. Pregnant women are prone to many infections, especially UTI's and yeast infections. But, if the discharge is slightly more watery and you notice theres an increase in the amount, it is most likely normal. Odorless to mild smelling discharge is normal throughout pregnancy,

  9. ~ it could be a yeast infection..
    I when I was pregnant I was getting them all the time!
    you can not use the over the counter creams for it so you will need to get into the doctors..

  10. I am having the same thing – This has never happened before. My husband and I have been TTC for 4 years now and I'm not doing anything differently. I was just at the Gyn last month and everything was fine. But my Husband and I had sex 2 nights ago and then yesterday morning is when i noticed it. I do not know if I am pregnant yet or not. I'm expecting AF this weekend..Good luck and if you don't know if you are pregnant or not i'll keep my fingers crossed that you are!

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