Vaginal odor & discharge, 6 months postpartum?


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After I gave birth I got stiches from my vagina twoards my anus then I got an unpleasant odor which I thought was from some light green puss &seemed to be coming from my clit/urethra instead of from the stiches (not sure). It was in my underware& also when I wiped. I had my postpartum appt. a month after I gave birth. I told Dr, dr said that if I didnt have a fever w/puss& it had stopped, it was ok, but the odor was still there. I don't get it I never smelt, not after sex not on my period, Why now I take a shower every day&before I have sex I wash up, it's not cool I'm unconfortable having my man go down. On top of the smell I have alot of discharge {only white or clear} I notice some in my underwear but mostly when I wipe after I pee, it's like if your man ejaculated in you then you wiped yourself kinda like that but not that much. I eat 1 yogert a day heard it could help doesn't. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT COULD BE OR WHAT I CAN DO?OR HOW I CAN MAKE IT GO BACK TO NORMAL? OR JUST WHY?

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  1. take a wet face cloth (warm water) and gently cleanse the area. Dont use soap, because it can make the area very irritated.

    That should stop the odor.

  2. I am a Certified Medical Assistant
    My suggestion is that you see your Gyno the smell is a sign of infection.. You can have a yeast infection without itching. When I was pregnant I didn't know I had one until my OB said so..No itch, smell or discharge

  3. It sounds like an infection to me. I had sort of the same thing, but without the odor. I didn't really think it was a problem until I went in for a check up and my doctor called me to tell me I needed to be on antibiotics.

    If you haven't been to your doctor since your post partum appointment, it's time to go back.

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