Vaginal odor caused by semen?


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I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months. We have sex almost every day or every other day and we don't use protection. He ejactulates 5-6 times in 1session. I shower and wash daily and I always take care of myself down there.

I've had a vaginal odor (musty and fishy smelling) for the past few months. We've both been tested for STDs (all negative.) I went to the hosiptal assuming I had a vaginal infection…NO INFECTION and they couldn't give me any info on why I was having the odor. This is the first relationship where I have had this problem. he said in previous relalationships the female had the same problem and it's from too much sex and the semen is backed up in me. Is this true? A friend of mine said that it could just be a result of our bodily fluids mixing together. I'm thinking rhe problem comes from him because I never had this problem before. I miss my normal smell. Does anyone else have this problem or know what else this may be, or what I can do to get rid of the smell?
We have also been trying to get pregnant obviously. I have never been pregnant, not even in previous relationships. I don't know if anything having to do with the odor is preventing pregnancy, or is a sign on why I'm not getting pregnant…I think I may be infertile
When I went to the hospital they said I had no discharge signs of infection so I probably will go somewhere else…..And yes we are planning on marrying
No he doesn't smoke weed. Only cigarretts and black and milds and he drinks beers

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  1. Most womens has BV is they don't even know..however if you notice a fishy bothersome or unusual other–you could probably have (BV) "bacterial vaginosis" but if you do not notice any kind of fishy-unusual odor you do not need to go get check.. Oftentimes BV is misdiagnosed as a yeast infection. BY using Yeast Infection treatment for it will only make it worst. My suggestion for you is just to go to planned parenthood and get it check could just be a feminine infection.

  2. What are the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis?

    The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are vaginal discharge and odor. Usually, there are no other symptoms. The amount of vaginal discharge that is considered normal varies from woman to woman. Therefore, any degree of vaginal discharge that is abnormal for a particular woman should be evaluated.

    Many women with bacterial vaginosis actually have no symptoms at all. Others experience an unpleasant fishy odor with vaginal discharge. The discharge is usually thin and grayish white. The discharge is often more noticeable after sexual intercourse.

  3. OK ~ Some Guy's do have A MUCH stronger oder than other's. Like some guys c*** is almost clear and some are thick and really gross.If you've seen only one Dr about this I'd look into seeing another ,The strong fishy smell sounds like some kind of infection …

  4. It might be as a result of infection by candida.If so do not panic.Antibiotics can easilly flush it out.

  5. it may be him…. does he smoke weed? not my buisness but that may be it because he may be just send semen with no sperm. But fishy smell is usually Bacterial Vaiginosis (BV) which is just you PH being un balanced. Try using mild unscented soap. (dove) dont use anything scented down there, and ask him to clean up too, rinse off all soap from himself too. It not an STD, I think it may be your PH. u see, blood has a Ph of 8.0 and that is why most woman get BV after thier period, But….. Semen also has a PH of 8.0….

  6. try douching, but the semen slowly leaks out, so it is backed up???? that is dumb he shouldn't talk about things he doesn't know…… also when you go to bed go commando legs apart, not for an invitation for him, but to air out down there. Eat tons of yogurt with live cultures, it sounds like yeast or a bacteria infection, try an OTC cream for 7 days that you take before bed. sleep on a towel some will leak out…………. GL

  7. The vagina naturally has an acid PH. Semen is alkaline and changes the PH of the vagina. Bacteria grow easier in an alkaline environment so letting your boyfriend finish inside you every day is facilitating the smell because it is changing your vaginas PH and making a more bacteria friendly environment. I let my boyfriend do it for a few days then after he has to finish outside for a week or so to allow my PH to get back to normal. I also take probiotic supplements and eat a lot of yogurt and sometimes douche with a spoon of real yogurt mixed in water. All of the above will keep your vagina acidic and less likely to be taken over by yeasts or bacteria. BTW saliva and period blood also changes the PH of the vagina so if tour boyfriend goes down on you often in may facilitate bacteria growth and yeast infections. BTW your body naturally produces one of the friendly bacteria that is yogurt to keep the vagina healthy. That is why men often say the vaginal fluids are sour. That is actually a good sign of a healthy vagina.

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