vaginal Odor but i have no stds what can this be help…Women only?

i always notice an ammonia smell from my vagina after working out or sex…I dnt have an std its been confirmed by my gyno and i have also gotten a second opinion…what could it be? has any other woman experienced this? i dnt have any wierd discharge colors or textures


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3 Responses to vaginal Odor but i have no stds what can this be help…Women only?

  1. dodson1005 says:

    if its just after working out and sex I wouldn’t be too worried. just use a cleansing wipe or try some powder. sometimes I have a strange smell after both too. and it seems like I notice it but my bf doesn’t. there also sprays out there but those I haven’t tried.

  2. flying dutchgirl says:

    It has something to do with the combination of sweat and the ph value of your vagina. Your ph value may be a little higher or lower than usual, nothing to worry about!

  3. Nranxpancreas says:

    An ammonia smell usually means that there is something going on with your liver. Are you taking any medications. Perhaps drinking too much of something. Coffee? It’s one of your organs.

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