Vaginal odor? anything causing the problem.


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I have noticed a vaginal odor over the last month and a half that is not going away. I went to the Dr last week and he said that he did not see any bacteria that could be causing this and that it was probably my ph since it happened after my period. He gave me a prescription for something that is supposed to help but I am wondering if there is anything that I can do to remedy this without having to use the medicine.
Thanks for all of the responses. I have had vaginosis in the past but the DR said he didn't see anything causing the problem. He gave me the one day treatement instead of the 5 day treatment that I had before so it shouldn't be all that bad.

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  1. Make sure you are wearing underwear that is made of something breatable like cotton. Don't use powders because that can make it worse. Eat yogurt or get some Acidophilus at your nearest Vitamin retailer (I suggest Vitamin World) and some capryllic acid. Take it everyday. And keep the area clean (do not douche more than once a week to keep healthy bacteria).

  2. I think you should use the meds, it will help…you will be just fine it happen some times to us, you are not alone

  3. Change your underwear everyday. Cleanse yourself with vinegar and water. I would just take the prescription the doctor gave to you.

  4. What I've had when this happens is Bacterial Vaginosis. It is not anything abnormal. It is not an STD. Women get it from an excess of bacteria there. The antibiotics that are prescribed are not cool w/me because I like to have an occasional coctail, and you can't drink on it because it will cause you to be extremely ill!! I wish there were another way to treat it, but I don't think there is one. It is quite an unpleasant smell, and surely embarrassing. I hope this is all you have going wrong, and do take the meds, because they say it can spread to other areas in the womanly parts. I hope you get better. Look that term up on google or whatever your favorite search engine is and that will give you more insight,

    Good luck,


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