Vaginal Infections while pregnant?


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Idk if i am pregnant or not, we just started trying, a few days ago. I have a appointment Sept. 27th to have a vaginal test done to check for infections, and a uti test done. If i am pregnant allreayd, can these things harm the baby this early? Also when i go to planned parenthood to be looked at for any infections, can i be treated for the infections even if i am pregnant, and can they find out by next week if i am pregnant, so that they dont give me medication harmful to a baby? IM really confused, no health insurance, so i have to go to planned parenthood until i am deffintly pregnant and can get on medicaid. THanks for all the help, and advice

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  1. They do not want to do anything to harm the baby. Be sure to tell them you might be pregnant. Try eating a carton of yogurt every day if you have problems with yeast infections. It will prevent yeast infections because of the friendly bacteria it yogurt. Any flavor is fine. Eating it is enough – you don’t have to put it inside your vagina or anything.

  2. if your pregnant then you have UTI, you must consult your pedia so you can have proper meds for that, because UTI can cause jaundice to your baby,it will increase his/her billirubin leads to yellow discoloration of the skin..goodluck

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