vaginal fluid or discharge sign of hiv ? had a test didn't need to?


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worried that nurse purposely injected her because she's blacka nd from the press she got after taking the test

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  1. Vaginal discharge could be a sign of a lot of things, but it is probably not HIV. Vaginal discharge is a symptom of other STDs like gonnorhea and chlamydia. She could also have a yeast infection. She should visit an OB/GYN so that they can perform the proper tests to determine what is causing the discharge.

  2. Vaginal discharge could be a sign of a lot of different things…but anyone injected with a 'dirty' needle should get themselves checked regardless…neither of those things are to be taken lightly…the discharge issue should be seen by a doctor to rule out an STD or other medical issue…

  3. I don't really understand your question fully but vaginal fluid or discharge is not necesserally sign of HIV/AIDS.

  4. I didn't quite understand your question but I hope this will help. Vaginal fluid, as much as I know, is not a sign of HIV. HIV starts with flu like syndrome, which passes and then you can go on for a few years without being seek at all.
    After that, if there's no treatment, your immune system is starting to collapse. There are no sexual symptomes, only infectious disease and other immune problems.
    Vaginal fluid can be a sign for other sexually transmitted diseases.
    In any case if you or a friend of yours are worried you might have HIV or any other disease you should go and check it.
    HIV can only be tested 2-3 month after you think you where infected. you should ask in the clinic you are going to take the test in.
    And in any case, you should probably go and consult with your family doctor.

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