Vaginal Discharge with a little blood…?


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I'm 19 and my period ended 6 days ago and last night I noticed a little tiny bit of blood in my vaginal discharge. I just got over being sick such as sore throat, coughing, and dizziness. So I don't know if that has to do with anything but I thought I should just throw that out there. My last pap was normal and everything was fine. This has never happened to me before and I don't know how I would be pregnant because when ever I have intercourse with my boyfriend he NEVER ejaculates in me, not even close.

So what could this mean?

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  1. Well, depending on what age you started your period, it may still be becoming regular. There is a chance that there is still a little blood in your flow from your last period. But, there is also a chance that you might be pregnant, even though you are sure that he never ejaculates. I would go buy a pregnancy test, and take it. If it comes out positive, then I would go see your doctor and talk to your boyfriend.

    If it is negative, and your last pap was normal, then I wouldn't worry about it, maybe it is just left over from your last flow, or when you were sick.


  2. Before you go crazy with worry, I have some advice. The symptoms that you are having sound like ovulation. I've heard it told that when you ovulate sometimes there will be a little blood in the mucous discharge. Just to be safe find out how many days after your period you ovulate from your doctor if you can. Accidents happen… And if you're not ready for a pregnancy use a condom when you're having sex for about 8 days after your period ends. I've used the rhythm method for 23 years and the pull out, and it's been successful for me.
    By the way, I'm almost through having periods, and I'm still practicing it.

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