vaginal discharge/ water leaking?


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The last few days I've been having so much fluid coming out. It is pretty bad at times. sometimes it even soaks through my pants and runs down my legs. I had the doc check it out when it first started happening which was a week ago and he said it was discharge. It seems to have gotten worse but at other times it is just a lil wet down there. Could the doc have been wrong? Could it have been discharge and now my water is leaking? Has anyone else had this happen and what was it? I'm 33 wks.
I know it's not urine cause it is not yellow and doesn't smell like urine. .

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  1. That would be excessive discharge, and is normal for 33 weeks..

    For futrue reference, amnio fluid has a horrible odor to it, very sweet, bleachy smell, no mistaken it.

  2. If I were you I would go back to the doctor or go to the hospital. If it is bad enough that your clothes are getting soaked then it is most likely that you water is leaking or it broke. And another thing when your water breaks or leaks then you should start having some type of pain or contractions. If you are really worried then go to the baby area of the hospital and they can check you out and monitor the baby. To make sure everything is ok.

  3. Go to hospital now, it sounds like your waters from the back have broken, and the front waters are still there, go now, as you can get an infection to the baby, so get it checked out at the hospital, hope all goes well

  4. I agree with what RaShelle said. Soaking your pants and running down your legs could only be one of two things – amniotic fluid or urine. You should know if it is urine by the smell. Discharge will not be liquidy like what you describe. So, it is an easy check to find out if it is amniotic fluid. Don't take a chance with your baby – have it checked again for your own peace of mind and the best possible outcome for your baby.

    Edit: not urine – go, and go now.

  5. I asked exactly the same question when I was 33 weeks and there were people telling me I was stupid for not going to ER. It is perfectly normal. I had just as much where it would dribble down my leg! TMI sorry but it does continue to happen. Most drs will tell you that if it is your waters etc it will be enough to fill a pad.. or enough to dribble down your leg and fill your shoe! if its just damp down there.. normal. Good luck

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