vaginal discharge – strange odor?

I have no other abnormalities but the smell. It smells almost sickly sweet, like rotting fruit or something.
What could it be? maybe it's too much sugar in my diet…?
no hair, and no other symptoms. just the smell. color is normal, no itching or burning, and regular hygiene


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10 Responses to vaginal discharge – strange odor?

  1. Brianna says:

    ya umm usualy it is a yeast infection

  2. tballz says:

    Sounds like the smell of sweat to me. Maybe try keeping your hair down there trimmed a lil shorter or wear only cotton undies (or none for true breathability!)

  3. Velar says:

    See a doctor.

  4. Louise M says:

    Yeast infection. Try Monostat 7

  5. Barbie Perfection says:

    Maybe you gotta learn how to clean yourself better.

  6. sam a says:

    Hmm…could be a yeast infection.Yeast are a type of fungi that live on watery, moist surfaces. There are OTC remedies. Hope this helps!

  7. FoxForceFiveVega says:

    I don't think it's too much sugar. It could be some sort of infection. Sometimes a yeast infection has a sweet smell to it. Sometimes it's not bad enough to itch and get all red, but you should see a doctor if it's really concerning you. A bacterial infection usually has a stinky fishy odor. With both of those you can have discharge. See your gyno.

  8. NYMOM says:

    Yeast infection. If it is one, you need to make sure with your Dr. and if it is you will tell you to get Monostat or one of the yeast infection medications. Do not get one of these treatments if you are not sure what it is, especially if you have never had a yeast infection could be something else. You have to have it checked. Feel better.

  9. NAP BQ says:

    You would need to get an exam to tell. A wet prep is where the discharge is evaluated under the microscope. Cultures or DNA probe may be helpful. Most likely it is a bacterial vaginosis infection treatable with antibiotics (Flagyl).

  10. chersey 29 says:

    This is not normal , sometimes there is no other symtoms that acure but this is a cervical problem It is called a bad infection from your partner, or previous partner . I would go see your family dr right away

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