Vaginal discharge, "queefs", and odor?


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This is a little embarrassing but here goes. I’m a 22 year old female and 3 months ago I started to develop more discharge than normal. It is white/off white..not green not yellow and no blood. It looked normal to me except it was way more than usual. I knew when it would come out so to speak because it felt like I was "queefing" except there was no noise, just the farting feeling. It also has a very strong odor with it which I can’t pinpoint what it smells like, not fishy or sour, kind of like urine mixed with c*m, it isn’t foul smelling but very strong I can smell it through my pants which is very embarrassing. It is not an STD I was checked 6 months ago and have always used condoms. There is no itching, no redness or swelling and no bumps of any kind. OTC yeast infection treatments haven’t helped either. Any ideas of what it may be? I no longer have insurance so I’m hoping someone can help!

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  1. well the smell is easy to get rid of buy some vagisil wash and only use it when you need to not every day and only use on your vaginal area and it will help with the smell or odor as far as getting discharge that is normal and you will get that until you are going through menapause which is for a long time if your only 20 .
    good luck and I hope this will work out for you

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