Vaginal discharge odor for virgin?


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I've read about this and no one seems to have anything that fits my problem exactly. My girl friend and I were both virgins before we were together. Of that I am 100% certain. We fooled around for a bit and then we had sex, always with protection. Lately, a new thing has been happening… When I finger her until she has an orgasm she'll have a discharge of a yellowish tint and it has some little pieces of something that looks like skin or a tissue and it smells bad. There isn't always particals and even when there is there is one or two small things. I wouldn't describe it as cottege cheese looking. She used to start off dry when I began fingering her but now she seems to be always wet. What's happening? It isn't an STD, we were both virgins. Thanks

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  1. it may be a an infection that is not an STD like a yeast infection. she should go t o her doctor for a checkup

  2. You were virgins before…but what about lately, previously, perhaps one of you is fooling someone else's parts? Or i may suggest to have a clean sex. Don't finger her ass while you do also her vigina…tell her to drink lots of water.

  3. Often women can get yeast infections from sexual activity. The discharge you are describing sounds consistent with a simple yeast infection and medication can be bought from the pharmacy without a prescription. I would suggest however that if this is the first time she has had such a discharge she have a Dr. examine her to confirm the diagnosis. Most women become very familiar with the symptoms of yeast vaginitis and further episodes can be treated by themselves.Yeast is a normal flora present in most women but sometimes it overgrows because of irritation.

  4. Could it be Vaginal yeast infection? Technically not an infection, yeast that normally live in the vagina overgrow, causing a cheesy white discharge with redness and itching. Vaginal yeast infections may be related to antibiotics, birth control or other estrogen pills, pregnancy, diabetes, or a weakened immune system.

    – Bacterial vaginosis – Bacteria that normally live in the vagina overgrow, causing a grey discharge and fishy odor that worsen after sexual intercourse. BV is not sexually transmitted.
    – Trichomonas – A sexually-transmitted parasite that causes yellowish-grey or green discharge and intense itching.
    Other infections and sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia or gonorrhea.
    Forgotten tampon or foreign body.
    – Cervical or vaginal cancer – rarely a cause of excess discharge. Don't let this scare you!!
    – Or….. it could be what type of soap she uses, is so make sure she rinses that area very well.

    If not go with her to visit a gynecologist who can help you with this problem 🙂

  5. It sounds to me like she could be suffering from either a yeast infection or bacterial vagina's. Yeast infections are caused by an increase in yeast (candida) growth in the vaginal area. This would be associated with redness and itching. Bacterial vagina's is simply when bacteria that normally live in the vagina begin to overpopulate the area, causing a Grey discharge that can have a fishy smell. In any case, I would recommend that she see her physician for an accurate diagnosis. Both of these can be treated with medications. FYI: both of these can occur without sexual activity, just in case you are worried that someone will find out that you two are sexually active.

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