Vaginal discharge… not a yeast infection, doesnt itch or burn..?


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Its not a yeast infection, it doesn't itch or burn when I pee, but does have a foul odor. My vagina doesn't stink, its just this discharge. [[Only happens when I get "horny" or start thinking sexually.]] It did happen after sex with a certain person. Could this be an STD? If so, which one? Could this have happened from douching too many times in a month? [[3]] Help please!
My ***** does not stink! Its just this discharge stuff, I'm very clean, I take 2-3 showers a day. I'm not douching anymore, I think it has messed with my chemistry. No it doesn't smell "fishy" it just stinks. It doesn't smell like 'me'. And its not Normal discharge, that doesn't stink. I'm talking about discharge that comes when you are aroused.

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  1. check with your dr. to make sure you dont have an std. also instead of douching, there is something that i use which is way better and smells like baby powder. its called VCF vaginal cleansing film. you put it in and it dissolves. no mess and non drying or irritating. it works good.

    anyway, definitely see your dr to rule out any possibilities of std's.

  2. You shouldn't be douching that much, first. Second, you do know that you discharge when you are ovulating, and when you are sexually aroused.
    It COULD be an STD for which there are no symptoms (Gonorrhea or Chlamydia) in women. You should definitly get to a doctor if there is a chance you contracted an STD, because chlamydia can lead to infertility if left untreated. A simple shot and/or antibiotics is all it will take to go away.

  3. it's normal stop douching so much you won't have any good goods if you keep that up,your are supposed to use 4oz water and squeeze half a lemon in it then douche only at least 3x a month a pinch of baking soda in it after sex vaginal wetness can also be due to bacteria just take some detox tea you'll be fine if you take a laxative every other month you wont need to douche as much!!

  4. Douching is actually one the worst things that you can do to your body. As it messes with your own body chemistry. It can lead to more infections, foul smells, etc.
    Use personal wipes if you dont feel clean in your vaginal area. But please stay away from douches.
    It could be anything. All you can do is stop douching all together for good, and get in with your doc who is the only one that can determine what it is that you have.

  5. there is probably wrong if there is a foul odor, meaning there is a chance of an upcoming infection, although u said u dont have a burning sensation or itchiness, maybe it is just a normal discharge of vagina brought by sexual stimulus, this serves as a lubricant but if u dont cleanse ur vagina after sexual contact or just after the urge of getting aroused then this will definitely create a foul odor which indicates that u need to clean ur vagina more often. if odd appearances will occur such as inflammation, itchiness or pain or any unusual symptom this could mean a presence of STD and this could not happen form douching as well. –Mr. Jerson Ramos. RN

  6. I don't think you have a problem going on. It doesn't sound that way to me from everything you explained. If your discharge is white creamy or clear then your alright. As long as it isn't any other color then you have nothing to worry about. When I'm aroused I will let out a lot of discharge too so your not the only one. As a matter of fact almost all of us women do this because were feeling aroused at that moment. Stop douching because it's very bad for the inside of your vagina. It's will dry it out way too much. You said that you think it's messing with your bodies chemistry and I believe that's what's happening to you. Doctor's suggest that we don't douch so try not to anymore. Instead try washing with "Summer's Eve" products. They work excellent to cleanse the vagina area.

  7. i had a vaginal discharge for a while and couldnt figure out what the heck it was. it didnt smell bad, it just didnt smell right. i went to a clinic several times and all they told me was that i was fine and that the discharge was normal. it happend especially during and after sex. i finally went to a gyno and asked about this and i was then diagnosed with bv (bacterial vaginosis.) the most common side effect is a fishy odor, which is probably why the other docs didnt say anything. but there isnt any way for me or anyone else to tell you exactly what it is that you have or dont have. so go to a gyno and get tested.
    oh and yes bv can be caused by douching it creates an imbalance between the good and bad cultures in your vagina.

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