Vaginal discharge from green tea?

has anyone ever heard of green tea causing vaginal discharge? Its not painful or itchy or smelly, but Ive only read about how its supposed to help. I began drinking green tea every morning and i noticed i developed some discharge. But when i stopped drinking the tea it went away. anyone ever heard of this or experienced it?
im not having a laugh. i identify as genderqueer but whatever. and im pretty sure its the tea cuz when i stopped drinking it, it went away. and it was the only thing that i have changed in my day to day.


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  1. I drink a lot of green tea and that's never happened to me are you sure it's the green tea?

  2. dont think so and sorry for sayin this but i think ur having a laugh as ur avatar is male yet ur obviously female

  3. OMG! I thought I was the only one this happens to everytime I take green tea diet pills or green tea in general I get a discharge. And when I stop taking them the discharge goes away. I would like to know why this happens

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