vaginal discharge, concerned?


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Ive been having vaginal discharge since about 8th grade I’m now 18 and still have it its been about 4 years. I’ve told my doctor she said its normal. I’ve been tested for stds(I had cultures taken and a pap smear) because I am pregnant (please no negativity) they usually test u anyways to make sure just in case so they can treat you so it won’t harm the baby. The results for that came back normal for all of that. The discharge is white and it smells and I acually have to go to the bathroom and wipe a lot and you can smell it through my pants. Its gross and embarrasing. My doctor says its normal I took tests those came back normal. But it doesn’t seem normal to me. What could this be? Please help

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  1. Thats just how the vagina cleans its self and is pretty normal. You can try getting those special body washes to get rid of the smell down there but theres not much you can do.

  2. Try eating yogurt plain that has healthy cultures but since pregnant there’s really nothing u can do until afterwards. Good luck luv!

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