vaginal discharge and leakage?


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im 40 weeks now and i havent asked my doctor about this yet, im a little embarrassed, ive been having a lot of vaginal discharge in the past couple weeks and ive also been having a leakign thing going on but i did tell them about that and they said its not my water, but i smelled it and i cant squeeze my k-muscle to stop it…any ideas?

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  1. i have the exact same thing..she did a swab of it and it wasnt amniotic fluid…..just increase in vaginal discharge………

  2. always best to talk to medical professional about this, i went two days before i noticed it was my waters i was leaking, your waters are strew colour and smell sweet, unlike urine, put on a pad and examine it i know its horrible but its the only sure way, if its your waters and your like me you'll go thru about 1maternity pad every 1-2hours, it could just be discharge caused by the pregnancy or thrush, which is completely common, or it could be urine the pressure the baby is putting on your bladder is alot and can cause leakage and accidents you can't control….

    good luck on up coming birth…

  3. hi dont stress my discharge was so bad, from day one i basically used liners and my opinion if leaking keeps going or gets worse go back to your doctor and ask for another examination

  4. this is normal- you'll probably know if your water is leaking~ it would feel different- good luck

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