vaginal cream for yeast infection is coming back out is this normal?


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so i went to the doctor and and they gave me some cream to insert into my vagina for yeast infection last night i put in and tonight it came out when went poop is this normal iv never used one of theses creams before so i have no idea i may also be pregnant so whats going on???

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  1. ya thats normal, there isnt wide open spaces in there to store things!! it is still helping you dont worry.

  2. It can’t really just stay up there…eventually it has to slide back out, so yes, it’s normal.

  3. Yes it is normal. that is why they usually tell you to use it at night before you go to bed.

  4. ofcourse, there is pressure being applied and gravity takes place!! i used to get those a lot and cream never worked it would just make it worse. if you dont get good results ask for diflucan.

  5. You are only supposed to use the cream at night… and yes it is normal. Unfortunately it’s very annoying… happened to me too.

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