vaginal cream for yeast infection is coming back out is this normal?

so i went to the doctor and and they gave me some cream to insert into my vagina for yeast infection last night i put in and tonight it came out when went poop is this normal iv never used one of theses creams before so i have no idea i may also be pregnant so whats going on???


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6 Responses to vaginal cream for yeast infection is coming back out is this normal?

  1. razo says:

    ya thats normal, there isnt wide open spaces in there to store things!! it is still helping you dont worry.

  2. college_gal_83 says:

    It can’t really just stay up there…eventually it has to slide back out, so yes, it’s normal.

  3. 2terbug says:

    Yes it is normal. that is why they usually tell you to use it at night before you go to bed.

  4. chicagochic says:

    ofcourse, there is pressure being applied and gravity takes place!! i used to get those a lot and cream never worked it would just make it worse. if you dont get good results ask for diflucan.

  5. JAson S says:

    yep, even man gravy doesn’t stay in there too long

  6. oceano says:

    You are only supposed to use the cream at night… and yes it is normal. Unfortunately it’s very annoying… happened to me too.

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