Vaginal burning?? Not UTI, Yeast, or Bacteria…?


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I’ve been experiencing minor vaginal burning & discomfort with no other symptoms, and I have gone to the doctor multiple times and always test negative for UTI, yeast infection, and bacterial infection. Doctor said it also does not look like an allergic reaction to latex condoms, and tests came back normal from recent Pap Smear. Anyone know what could be going on??

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  1. do you shave down there? even though its a simple answer that could be whats causing it, just a thought

  2. This has happened to me. Are you underwear to tight?(if they are try a size bigger). Have you or any one Else been rubbing and inserting more that just a penis maybe a finger or a play toy. It could also be a tampon brand you are using and you may want to chang brands. I would also like to recommend a cream called Vagisil it helps itching, burning,ext. Vagisil also has products such as: deodorizing spray, powder, vagina wipes, cleaning clothes for sensitive skin,And Many more!
    and you should try some of the Vagisil products and they are at a reasonable price.

  3. If you’re sexually active, it burns most after sex and don’t use condoms you may be allergic to the semen.

  4. Hi,

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