Vaginal Bacterial Infection can my husband get it???


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I recently I got checked because I had bad odor so the doctor told me it was a bacterial infection and got treated for it with antibiotics, I also got checked for STDS and everything came out negative. Afterwards I got my menstration and my husband noticed a bad odor again but then it jus vanished and he noticed his penis skin pealing off then we had sexual intercourse and I bleeded a little bit. What can it be? Can a vaginal bacteria infection be passed to my husband? Any suggestions?? Anything will help.
PLEASE PPL no jokes nor anything this is serious, if you can't help jus don't bother

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  1. Is he cheating on you? No offense but you can get this from HIM. Sounds like you need to be checking out his history. ……… offense. He cant get that nonsense from you….

    Other than that just eat yogurt( CERTIFIED organic yogurt PLAIN NO SUGAR OR FRUIT and maybe REFRIGERATED acidofibifius (i doubt i spelled that right) and this will clear it up pronto.

  2. You can pass bacteria to your husband through unprotected sex. He won't display any symptoms, but (like chlamydia) he can carry the bacteria and give it right back to you. Check with your gyn, he/she should have some suggestions. They may just recommend using condoms until both of you have completely cleared up so you don't have another infection.

  3. yes u both can reinfect yourselves. You both need to put on a round of antibiotics and use protection until u both finish it.

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