Vagina itchy and milky white discharge?

Okay so I had unprotected sex and was fingered and now my vagina is itchy and has milky white discharge. Usually after I get fingered my vagina is itchy so I am not sure about that? cause he always washes his hands before foreplay. He does not have an STD I know this so any idea what this could be? it is just itchy inside and now becoming a little itchy on my clitoris. No strange odors either. Answers please? mature answers only please.
if it is yeast or UTI how do I treat it?


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3 Responses to Vagina itchy and milky white discharge?

  1. KB says:

    This could be a yeast infection. This is pretty common, especially if his hands were dirty.

  2. Cindybear says:

    Very common, sounds like a typical yeast infection. Get some over the counter medication from the pharmacy, and you’ll be fine. If you don’t treat this soon though it could lead to something more serious.

  3. kda says:

    yeast infection fo sho

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