Using soap to wash your vagina — Causing yeast infections?


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I've been feeling symptoms of a yeast infection for about week now, but they were very mild and I really didn't know what they problem was. That was up until yesterday when the grew extremely intense and I started a treatment.

I've been reading around to find the best ways to cure or even prevent and over growth of yeast and most websites say NOT TO USE SOAP WHEN WASHING YOUR VAGINA. Especially not with anti-bacterial soaps.

Well….. what the heck are you supposed to use then? Just rinsing with plain water can't be good, I wouldn't feel clean.

So what are you supposed to use?
And what are some good ways of coping with the pain and discomfort that comes from a yeast infection?

**Does a yeast infection go away after your period of is it still there? Should you still use a treatment like Monistat? whenever I get a yeast infection it almost always comes before my period — and the symptoms go away after — Does this mean it's gone?

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  1. You can use soap to clean the outside of your privates, as long as you dont wipe it inside your vagina or urethra. you should just use warm water for the inner parts. your vagina cleans itself, there's never a reason to use soap or douching to clean it out. it only makes things worse.

  2. Many people are simply sensitive to soap products when used on mucous membranes like within the lips of the vagina. That irritation can lead to a yeast infection. If you don't get yeast infections then it's ok to use it there, but if you do consider backing off to just water. Seriously, you don't need soap there! Just rinsing, and perhaps wiping with a wet washcloth is all you need.

    A lot of girls and women get relief from a yeast infection when they get their period – as to do with a shift in pH I believe. In some cases it will go away on its own, in other cases though it'll return gangbusters.

    To cope with the itching and irritation there are over the counter creams, but why cope? There are also medications on the shelf that will cure most yeast infections.

    If you get a lot of infections (say more than 3 months running, even 2) you really should check with your doctor. And do give up the things that can make you more susceptible: washing down there with soap, using scented tampons, nylon panties, bubble bath, scented toilet tissue, and a few others.

    If the over the counter stuff doesn't do it you really must see the doctor – there is the off chance it isn't a yeast infection, and if it is there is a lovely pill that you take once that will clear it up in a day or two.

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