Thin Water-like vaginal discharge, at random times PLEASE HELP?


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I am a sexually active 22 year old and yesterday and today I experienced a random gush in my underwear that I thought might be my period. Instead I check and its a VERY thin, water like discharge, enough to make a 3 inch diameter wet spot in my underwear. It happened again early this morning.

I did have a kidney stone at one point, and am often dehydrated with bladder issues occasionally. Could it have come from my urethra? or COULD I BE PREGNANT??? This has never happened before. For me, Vaginal discharge is normally clear and mucousy, like snot. I am very worried and hope to gain more information, besides being told to "Have it checked out"

thanks.. :/

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  1. First of all, dont panic! Im not an expert or doctor or anything but i know from experience and chatting with my friends that ANYTHING is possible haha! It sounds perfectly innocent, and the fact that its clear is a good sign thats theres no infection. Two occasions where ive known of this to happen to women. One, some women have water gush straight after sex, kinda like an ejaculation! Thats quite common. And the other is after a shower, bath, swimming that type of thing, water is known to come right out! So see? It is normal! Id try doing some pelvic floor excercises if i were you, these will totally work i think.

    Good luck 🙂

    ps Still see a doctor if your worried!
    pps I fogot to say – it not a sign of pregancy, but if thats a possibility you really want to go the doctor or take a test 🙂

  2. This happens to many women and girls, you are not alone. It is completely normal and does not mean you're pregnant. Usually it happens when a woman is turned on in a sexual situation (better lubricant than the normal sticky discharge) but it can also happen at random moments throughout the day depending on where you are in your monthly cycle. Perhaps it is happening during your most fertile days. Keep track of when it happens and you will learn which days you should wear a pantyliner. Think of it this way: it is somewhat equivalent to the random erections that adolescent males sometimes experience.

  3. Cervical mucus can change consistency and if you are about half way between periods it could be that. It can be between snot and watery. Hard to tell with out actually seeing or feeling it though…. *drifts off in to fantasy*

    -snaps back to reality-

    Another thing it could be, is Skene's gland fluid, which saturates the urethral sponge and empties in to and/or just outside the urethra. Look at wikipedia's_gland

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