Thick, dark brown/ black vaginal discharge?


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I came off my period around 4/5 days ago and for the past 2 days been getting a thick, dark brown/ black vaginal discharge. I havent been sexually active in 4 months. A friend said it could be due to the pill, but i have never taken it before. Any suggestions whats causing ittt!??!
iv used protection during sex & also did a pregnancy test resently to be sure. Niether can i have an STI

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  1. If your not still menstrating, i would see a doctor. They can give you the best answer.

  2. you could be pregnant or have a sexual transmitted diseased see the doctor a.s.a.p

  3. Sometimes this may happen the day after but I am not sure about it occurring for 2 days. It may possibly be dried blood. Consult your doctor!

  4. you may have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) i advise you to go and see a doctor (URGENTLY) because some people die from this sort of stuff eg blood clot or loss of blood

  5. it might be because of skipping a pill.. sum birth control does that.. if youve accidentally forgotten to take it a day or two… you could get bloody discharge

  6. It's just the end part of the period, clearing up. Just like having a flu and the end part is thick gooey mucus. It's normal. But i've noticed that whenever i drink tonics like a glass of Yomeishu or black chicken essence after my period, i'd have a clean end. Meaning no trailing discharge.

  7. You should probably see a doctor, as it could be signs of several types of vaginal disease.

  8. It sounds like old blood that was obstructed from coming out somehow. A call to your gynecologist is a good idea.

  9. this is some thing i really think you might ask your docter about it could be some thing serious or it might not be

  10. i dont think its a STD but seeing your doc probally would be the smart thing to do good luck

  11. If you are having this problem then why are you asking this question here? you need a doctor just visit to your doctor.

  12. I think it's just old dried blood coming out. I wouldn't worry about it, but if it happens after every period I'd see a doctor.

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