Thick cottage cheese like vaginal discharge and really itchy! Is this a yeast infection ?


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I have never had a yeast infection so i am not 100% sure what the true symptoms are but i know these two that i have a characteristics of a yeast infection. I do not have pain or burning when i pee or pain during sex, just the unusual discharge which makes me incredibly itchy! I have had this for a couple of days now and it is definatly not normal for me. I have never really had much discharge at all before/after periods or during my teens so this is quite worrying! Theres a fair bit, but there isnt an odor or anything.

I guess things that may have triggered it may that for the first time this month i havent missed a pill, which i usually do or at least take it late, so im wondering if it might be to do with my hormones? I also have begun to have sex without a condom for the first time with my long term boyfriend and i have heard that there is sometimes a reaction to sperm when the bodys not used to it?

Have any of you had anything like this anad what was the cause/treatment?
Please dont say go to doctors because if this isnt treatable myself, or if it isnt going to go away over the weekend, obviously i will. I just dont want to turn up if it ends up being something "normal".

Thanks in advance
My boyfriend is diabetic, and i know that diabetic men often have yeast infections, even when not noticed. I reckon i could have it off him, is there a long term cure if he does have it ?

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  1. Classic yeast infection, which can be caused by a thousand different things. Antibiotics, clothing choices, sex, hormones, can all cause or contribute to a yeast infection. It’s also possible that your boyfriend has had one for a long time and now that you’re having unprotected sex with him he’s passed it on to you. Don’t read anything into it if this is the case: in men, the symptoms are often so vague that they can literally have it for years without realizing.

    Go here to learn more:

    EDIT: If he does, indeed, have it as well as you, then you will both need to be treated at the same time. Otherwise, you will just pass it back and forth to each other. It’s definitely a very curable problem, but you’ve got to get the timing right. I’d talk to your doctor about it, if I were you, because I have absolutely no idea how they treat it in men. Pills, maybe? Good luck.

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