Sudden Change of Vaginal Odor. What Should I Do?


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Ok. Here’s my big problem. I had unprotected sex about a week ago with this guy. A day after, I had protected sex with my boyfriend. & a couple of days later I started noticing that my vagina started to develop a "fishy" odor. Then itching!!! I shower daily, & the odor seems to always stay! Today in Wal-Mart I purchased some female powder so I could but on my vagina everyday. Im TERRIFIED that I might have an infection! So tell me, is this normal for this to be going on with my vagina? What should I do? How can I make this horrible odor go away FOR GOOD! I dont want it to ruin my sex life. (MATURE RESPONSES ONLY PLEASE) Thank You. PS: Im a 17 year old African Amercian teenager. My mom thinks im still a virgin:)

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  1. you may have trich or baterial viral infections which is curable go to you teen clinic and get the meds hate to tell you your boyfriend will need to go to men are host after they slept with a nasty woman

  2. You are 17 and had sex with two different guys in as many days and an infection scares you? I’m thinking you’d better get used to it. This is likely NOT your last infection.

  3. Any vaginal odor that is strong is probably not a good thing. Did you practice safe sex with a condom? I would go to a planned parenthood office or a doctors office if you cant speak to your mom about it. Planned parenthood is not just for pregnant people and is free and you dont need parental approval. You may have picked up a STD. Go get it checked out because you may be able to take some sort of antibiotic. Dont ignore it because the smell is telling you something isnt right. Below is a link to locations of Planned Parenthood offices.

  4. I would have it checked out. If its something that can be spread sexually, you will have to tell your boyfriend if he has had oral sex or anal sex with you. Otherwise, you used a condom with your bf…he doesn’t need to know because he wouldn’t’ have gotten anything. Stop cheating though…i know you know this already but, it WILL come back and bite you on the ass (been there, done that). Especially cheating and NOT using a condom…you could wind up pregnant or HIV+ and give it to someone you “love”. Take care of yourself!

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