Sore nipples when touch, cramping on and off, vaginal discharge


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My breasts are larger than they used to be, but they are not sore, but my nipples are sore, especially when I touch them. I have had some on and off cramps this week started last week Wednesday. I also have some white vaginal discharge, I go to bathroom sometimes because I thought I peed on myself! Am I pregnant? I took a test yesterday and 2 tests today and all are negative. When should I retest? anyone else experienced the same things and what did you do? Any answer is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
I have irregular period. I also had an ectopic pregnancy last April, where they had to take my left tube. I have a 5 year old daughter and never had a problem conceiving her. DH and I been wanting another for the last 4 years and been difficult. I'm hoping that I am but I don't want to keep my hopes up and be disappointed.
I'm not bleeding, the cramping is not so intense, it's pretty mild but I can feel it. If it gets severe I will definitely see my doctor. Thank you.

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  1. It could still be too early for a home test. You might want to call your doctor and request a blood test. Otherwise, wait a week or two and test again if your symptoms don't improve.

  2. yeah you could be pregnant. have you missed a period yet? If not it could be to soon to show up on a hpt. So I would wait until the first day of my missed period and then test.. And if it is still neg. Go see your doctor.

  3. If you are sore and cramping often you should go get a ultrasound. That or get a clinical pregnancy test. That is the only way you can be sure. If you don't get your period or w/e you probably are. But More than likely you are!!!

  4. I have been pregnant 5 times.My nipples were never sore when I was pregnant. After with breasdt feeding, yes! And you shouldn't be cramping. Unless it is gas pains. Vaginal discharge is very common when you are ovulating, not just when you are pregnant.
    If you took that many tests, as long as they are from reputable companies and not some cheapo dollar store ones, they should Be correct. Make an appointment with an gynecologist soon, to get a thorough checkup, tho.

  5. I've had similar things, not the discharge but I've been asked that by the doc. It doesn't sound like pregnancy. You should see a doctor if it's really troubling, it could be something else. Sure, you're not ovulating? That can cause some pains and weird hormones and also discharge although I think it's more clearish than white.

  6. Please go see your doctor to be sure. You could be pregnant. Some women still have a period for 1 month or (hard to believe but true) every month of their pregnancy. Your symptoms seem to point to maybe and it's possible your hormone level hasn't caused a positive urine test yet.

    If it is a tubal pregnancy, it would be very dangerous. The cramping could indicate that you are having a miscarriage which can also be very dangerous. In either case, you could have severe bleeding. At this early stage, there would be nothing you can do to prevent a miscarriage, but you need to know what's really happening.

  7. I am not sure how to tell you this but I went Thur the exact same thing about 14 months ago. I was experiencing the cramping and spotting so I went to the emergency room I had a miscarriage the yoke sac wasn't developing but the good news is I just gave birth 4 months ago to my son. I hope this helps just remember what ever happens this isn't the end it's the beginning.Good luck and god bless!

  8. Go to the doctor. When ovulating, there is a bit of a "discharge" but it's usually clear. White discharge usually means an infection. You could be pregnant and have an std at the same time. Could be a yeast infection. There is also the possibility of a miscarriage, but usually other colors are in the discharge when that happens. Go to the doc to find out exactly what's going on. Don't wait.

  9. I am also getting this , i notice this is an old thread but was wondering if there is any outcome ?

    symptoms are ; tired , sore nipples , watery clear vaginal discharge (like you had a little wee :/) , hot at night unable to sleep at night, this is all 7 days before my period, me and my partner are actively trying to conceive so im overly aware of every little change!

    but to early for a hpt

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