Sore nipples and clear vaginal discharge… pregnant?


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For the last week my nipples have been hard and extremely sore and THe same time I started getting clear vaginal discharge. Which is very uncommon with me. I dont have regalar periods and Im concerned I may be pregnant. I have had two miscarriages and had to get a blood test to find out i was pregnant. Thanks for any help you can give

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  1. You can’t tell by symptoms alone. Early pregnancy symptoms often mimic menstrual symptoms.

    Take a test when your period is late, or, if your cycles are very irregular, see your doctor if the symptoms persist and your period doesn’t come.

  2. Nipples could be sore simply because of a rise in progesterone. There’s really no way to tell unless you take a test.

  3. Im having the same thing very very sore breasts n nipples…also clear $ticky discharge..we are trying to get preggo so…idk when to test since my mences is irregular…please let me know what u think

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