Snot-like, light clear/green/yellowish vaginal discharge…39 1/2 wks pregnant.?


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Every time i go to the bathroom and whenever i wiped, i get this snot-like, sometimes its very light, clear/green/yellowish vaginal discharge. Also SLIME!! Its not brown or bloody or whatever people refered to as mucus plug. Is it mucus plug? Or am i getting ready to go in delivery?

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  1. eww that doesnt sound right! Were you tested for STD's? If not you should check……green is not a good color to be coming out down there

  2. You are getting ready to deliever. and from what i've heard that is mucus plug

  3. Thats your plug. It doesnt always come out in one big clump…yours is coming out in pieces. Mine did that with my daughter for a month before it finally came out in a huge clump with bloody show. The big clump came out 4 days before I went into labor at 38weeks.

    And to the tard who posted first…your plug is supposed to be greenish and look like snot (its mucus, just like snot)….NOT an STD.

  4. It is your mucous plug. Mine started to come out about a week before I went into labor. When it begins to be blood-tinged or brown, it becomes "show" which generally means your contractions will probably start in the next 24-48 hours. Good Luck and Congratulations in advance!

  5. I would call your Dr!!!! It could be the plug or your water breaking, even a sign of an infection!!!! I wouldn't wait, Call!!!

  6. Could be the beginning of your mucous plug coming out. You're probably going to deliver in the next week or so.

    Good luck!!

  7. My mucous plug was not bloody. It was exactly like you are describing. Losing your mucous plug doesn't mean you will go into labor any time soon. You can lose a mucous plug and develop another one many times before you have your baby. I lost mine, then three weeks later they had to induce me b/c I still hadn't gone into labor. Just report to your doctor that you lost your mucous plug.

  8. My docs told me this was not abnormal. If this is your mucus plug, it doesn't mean you are going to deliver. I had the same secretions and was *over due*, had to be induced.

    Good luck!

  9. well i think uyou may have an std you need to get checked out as soon as you can your baby can be affected

  10. oh man, this is so gross to put on here!! It's the mucus plug that seal's your cervix so no bacteria gets in the uterus. ?The plug came out because your cervix is dilating. You are very close to labor-expect it today or tomorrow. Pack your bags, this is it!! *congratulations!

  11. yep that would be the mucus plug… you will be having your little one in short order now! Congrats!

  12. I have two children and with both of them when I passed my mucus plug there was no blood…just the icky stuff you talked about…I also started my labor shortly after this happened. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are about to be a MOMMY!!!

    They'll probably admit you and give youu a lot of antibiotics in an IV. They may even do an emergency c section because it could be very bad for the baby.
    My doctor said normal mucus plugs are usually clear or bloody never green or yellow.

  14. Its definitely your mucus plug, that should mean your body is getting ready for delivery. Some people go into labor hours after losing their mucus plug some women go 2 weeks after. Just enjoy your pregnancy and let your doctor know whats going on. Good luck!

  15. It is your mucus plug breaking away. It might tinge with blood so just wear a mini-pad to protect your undies. It sounds like your big day is real close! You might want to call your Dr. because they might want to check you. Good Luck!!

  16. Does it have a pungent odor? My guess is that it is the mucus plug coming out. If this is your first pregnancy you will probably deliver in the next few days. If this is your 2nd or… pregnancy many will deliver within 24-48hrs of it falling out. The mucous plug is a glob of mucous that plugs the cervix so that when you are pregnant nothing especially bacteria can enter into the uterus via the vaginal route. I will say that the color you described is accurate. If it does have an odor it should smell fleshy not foul. Good luck to you and watch out for the bloody show or breaking of water with contractions that will happen next!!!! All are perfectly normal

  17. Its called Leuccoreah – a bacterial infection. I believe you need to cut down on your dairy products.
    Also drink Fenugreek tea or water (just soak fenugreek or coriander seeds in water overnight), this helps to combat the infection naturally.

  18. Its your mucus plug dear but that doesnt mean you are going into labor just yet but your body is indeed getting itself ready. Good Luck!!

  19. i think it might be your mucus plug..think snot like…your body is just getting ready.congrats and good luck!!!!

  20. Congrats your about to have a baby! Its probably a mixture of the mucus plug and your cervix thinning out!!! Good Luck you will be fine!

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