Slight vaginal odor, thick white discharge, burning sensation during sex and right after sex when I pee.?


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What could this be?
Is there any creams or over the counter medications I can get for Bacterial Vaginosis instead of going to a doctor?

4 Replies to “Slight vaginal odor, thick white discharge, burning sensation during sex and right after sex when I pee.?”

  1. Sounds like a UTI – urinary tract infection. See a doctor for treatment.

    If it itches it could be a yeast infection, in which case you should either see a doctor or buy some over the counter medication.

  2. The fact that your discharge is thick and white is an obvious sign that you either just got off your period, or are about to start it really soon. Your discharge tends to thicken and become milky around those times. The burning during sex could be tearing of the vaginal lining if you are having semi-rough sex. I thought I had a bladder infection every time it hurt a little when I peed after sex but my tests came up negative. It really could just be some sensitivity.

  3. Best thing to do is get checked out by your doctor or gyno. it sounds like it could be bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection but could also be nothing but some minor irritation.

    A thick discharge is usually associated with a yeast infection as bacterial vaginosis you get a thinner watery discharge that is grayish in color and usually comes with an odor that is musty or fishy.

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