Scraping white stuff off my outer vagina. . yeast infection?

I've been getting a build up of a white layer on the outside of my vagina. I thought my toilet paper was just leaving pieces behind but I've been using a washcloth to wipe for the last few days. When I take a shower, I scrape it all off. I've had my share of infections but I've never experienced this before. I have a thick, white discharge too, but it's not much. Could it just be my discharge drying?


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2 Responses to Scraping white stuff off my outer vagina. . yeast infection?

  1. Tygah says:

    Yeast infections will give you some itching along with this discharge. But if it has a fishy odor to it then you may want to be screened for bacterial vaginosis or trichimoniasis. But there's definitely something going on and the site below may be of some help.

  2. Girl says:

    I have the exact same thing. I phoned up the doctor and he said that it’s likely to be thrush he gave me a prescription tablet but it still hasn’t cleared up. I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow but I’m really worried ( only 13 ) :/. Your not alone I have read accounts of women all ages talking bout the exact same thing. :)

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