Rotten/fishy odour in vaginal area?


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I’ve noticed this for a while, but I have never tried to do anything about it.My boyfriend mentioned it a few weeks ago.We went to the clinic to get tested and so forth, but that slipped my mind. I have a fishy/rotten smell in my vaginal area.It started when I withdrew from the birth control pill.That was like in July or August.Shouldn’t the smell be gone by now.May not drinking water play a role in this funky smell?I don’t want to go to the doctor yet because it’s too embarassing, and I hate taking pills.Is there anything I can do to get rid of the odour myself.I started drinking two glasses of water tonight, and I washed my vagina with detol antibacteria fluid.Any suggestions?Please help!

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  1. sounds like bacterial vaginosis. you will need an antibiotic to clear this up. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

  2. maybe you forgot to take a tampon out…or you might have an infection, I would definitely go see a doc, you won’t be the first person going in for that im sure. that happened to me, but it was because I had an infection right after I had my baby.

  3. It could be bacterial vaginosis, but you’d have to have the doctor run a test to find out for sure. You would need to get it treated by a physician.

  4. if it smells or tastes a little fishy its normal I think, I like fish

    if its really funky then wash it

  5. You need to go the doctor. You may have an yeast infection. Try some Monstail and trying washing with Summer Eve’s wash around your vagina area or trying douching. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. Please go the doctor and let him or her check you out. Good Luck!


    It’s called Bacterial Vaginosis

    this is what you have . you need to see your Gynecologist so you can get an antibiotic for ten days to take . My friend she had the same and got treated for it

    read up under this link

  7. Sounds like a yeast infection or some sort of bacterial infection. You need to get it checked out. They have a pill out that cures yeast infections, and you only have to take it once.

  8. You might have bacterial vaginosis (look it up), which is not an STD, but needs to be treated. Don’t be embarrased, its not uncommon for a woman to have this. Actually, you could have trichinosis (dont look that up), and you would still need to be treated. Bottom line is get to the doc.

  9. you could have a yeast infection. there is no way that you can cure this by yourself. don’t be embaressed the doctors deal with this all the time. but now you need to get treatment before it turns worse

  10. You could have bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. Usually, a yeast infection presents itself with thick discharge and a strong fishy odor, especially after sex. It can also make sex painful.

    Your best bet is to get back to your doctor and be examined, especially if it’s gone on this long. If a yeast infection is confirmed, your doctor will probably advise you to abstain from sex and use one of the Monistat products–7 and 3 have the best reputation for curing them. Bacterial vaginosis is different and might require antibiotics to cure.

  11. You probably have an infection. I’d talk to your doc…don’t be embarrassed, you are one of millions.

  12. Don’t be embarassed girl, its better if you go see your doctor and get the right care for that odour

  13. you need to go to the Dr to find out if it is a bacterial infection, or a yeast infection. Different typr of perscriptions for both. And going off the pill will not give you an oder like that….only an infection will

  14. You could very well have an infection of your vagina or even inside of your uterus. If you were tested and have not heard anything from them, you should give them a call and find out what the results were. If the results came back as positive for infection they will give you a prescription for an antibiotic that will work efficiently against the bacteria and get rid of it.

    As far as douching with any antibacterial fluids..that is not a good could cause the bacteria to become worse and unresponsive to what the Dr. will give you, making the infection way harder to eliminate.

    Do not be embarrased.. go to your Doctor and have something done immediately.. you can be guaranteed that your Doc has seen worse and smelled worse in his/her line of work.

  15. This is most like bacterial vaginosis. Please do not be embarassed about this. Go to your gynecologist. That’s what they are there for. To help you become healthy!!! A bacterial infection is cleared up with Flagyl by mouth or by using Metro-Gel in the vagina. Also, you can use Clindesse which is a much better choice!!! One dose and you are done!!

    Please take care of yourself and don’t suffer. The odor is terrible for YOU to smell. Don’t go on for too long with this. You deserve to be free from this one!!!

    Good luck!

  16. you probably have a yeast infection. that pretty common but iwould go to the doctor and talk to him or her about it.

  17. The smell is more than likely a bacteria. Or if you are having sex unprotected then it can come from the vaginal fluid and the semen. Unless you are told to by a doctor I would not douche. This removes the natural enzymes in the vaginal area and can prevent the mucus that forms in there from naturally flushing the body out. There is an acid based fluid in the vagina that fights off infections when the balance of the acid is thrown off by douching it can cause an odor causing bacteria. Also if there has been any anal sex with your boyfriend and then the penis has been placed in the vagina the fecal material can get in there and cause an infection.

    As far as going to the doctor and talking to them about this girl you have to get over that. OBGYN’s are trained in this type of stuff. They have seen it and smelled it all. I would think that just a gentle soap on the outside of the vagina and the labia minora ( the lips) will calm down the smell. Wash daily and rinse each time after sex. If it does not improve or go away talk to your doctor something serious could be wrong.

  18. Sounds like bacterial vaginosis to me. I had it when I was 19. If that’s what you have, you will need antibiotics. Not a big deal…no need to be embarrassed, it’s very common. The Rx starts working really quickly.

  19. It sounds like a yeast infection or possibly bacterial vaginosis (BV). . both of which would need an anitbiotic to clear up if you’ve had this symptom since August…..

  20. jet some plain yogurt into your vaginal canal. Let sit for 30 minutes then rince in warm water.

    Repeat with whipped cream and a cherry. Then wear a gimp outfit and get all kinds of crazy.

  21. I had the same issue. It scared the crap out of me to go to the doctor, but I just mustered up the guts and went. I had the nicest little doctor, and she was so comforting. There is absolutely nothing to be embarassed about. These doctors see tons ofvaginas every day. Different shapes, sizes, colours, etc. They have seen it all. Well, I had bacterial vaginosis. I had to take a pill twice a day for 7 days. And it was gone. All bacterial vaginosis is is an imbalence of PH in your vagina. Perfectly normal, not sexually transmitted. So go to the doc! It’s no big deal.

  22. Yous should go to the doc and get tested…saying its probably this or that not gone cure anything. Done be embarrased because if it getts worse you’ll be wishing you wouldve went right away.

  23. Probably Trichomoniasis. Type that word in on the web and you will get information. Regardless it’s time to go to the GYN. Women do not naturally smell like fish! Actually women do not naturally smell. That is always an indicator something is up. Hope this helps.

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