red/brownish discharge coming out of vagina?

i have a very light red almost brown discharge coming out of my vagina, its not chunky, itchy, or smelly. i am not on my period, however it looks like it does at the end of your period…shoud i be concerned? what is this?


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4 Responses to red/brownish discharge coming out of vagina?

  1. sexypaigeeya says:

    Honestly get checked out by ur GP it could be a bad issue x x x x

  2. Alayna A says:

    its normal.

  3. Allison H says:

    Are you due to come on your period or recently ended. It could just be that your body as it natually does it just cleaning itself out. As long as it doesnt have a distint odor or turn green then you dont have an infection and you should be fine

  4. From Grace says:

    If you have been sexually active, then there is a faint possibility that you could have chlamydia, as that STI can cause that syptom if you have had it for a long time.

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