Red bump inside vagina, thick white cottage cheese like discharge..itchy sometimes?


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I had sex with my boyfriend last week while I was on my period..after that I stopped bleeding when I was suppose to have 2 more days of my period..

It started becoming itchy the next day and now its still itchy. It’s not constant itchy, it comes and goes and sometimes a tingly feel comes and goes. it burned when I washed it with soap but doesnt burn when I pee.

Today we had sex again then after it immediately started hurting, and became itchy. My boyfriend looked inside and said I have a small red bump inside my vagina. And now few hours have passed and I’m having cottage cheese like discharge.

He’s the only one I’ve been having sex with and he doesn’t have anything.

I’ve been googling things online but it seems like it can be anything? I’m really worried and don’t have insurance to see a doctor..can someone please tell me what this possibly can be? =(
is having a bump part of a yeast infection?
it really hurt when he put pressure on the bump and it kind of hurts whenver i sit down

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  1. with the things you have said it seems to me that you have a UTI
    Urinary track infection

  2. yeah it could be a lot of things…. if you don’t have insurance just go to a local clinic, they don’t charge much and you’ll find out what’s wrong. please don’t put this off, it could get worse.

  3. It’s a yeast infection. You can buy over-the-counter medicine to fix it in about three days. I had the same thing happen to me twice.

  4. sounds like a yeast infection. happens eventually. Ju st got to a pharmacy and pick up canesten or any one other brand to get rid of it

  5. Hello. If it becomes painful after a few days, chances are it might be an STD called Chlamydia. Don’t know if this is correct spelling or not. You need to seek medical attention because it can cause some serious side effects and even sterility in both men and women, but it is easily treatable. Hope this helps.

  6. Sounds like you could have a yeast infection because of the itch/discharge. But, the little bump? You could have genital warts or herpes. Please go to the doctor or find a free clinic in your area and get checked quick, fast and in a hurry! Things can only get worse. Also, practice safe sex with your partners. Many times men do not have any symptoms at all and because of this, they can be quick to tell you that its your own fault because "they don’t have nothin’ wrong with them." Take care of your body, you only get one. Peace&Blessings to you.

  7. It’s most likely a yeast infection. The bump could be caused by friction (pulling of pubic hair, tiny skin tear that is infected from yeast). Go to a Planned Parenthood facility. They can help you out without needing insurance. That is what they are there for.

    I suggest also (and this is only from past experience), if you continue to have intercourse with your boyfriend, make sure BOTH of you are clean down there. Seriously! I only speak from experience. A past boyfriend worked at a factory where he had grease and plastic dust on him. He also worked on cars and he didn’t realize he wasn’t cleaning himself properly. I discovered after him leaving me that I stopped getting infections (even urinary tract infections so I would get that checked too). And yeah, he was a creep, so I discovered after it was all said and done.

    ANNNYWAY… go to the doc (or planned parenthood). And I’d ask allll the questions you can think of before you go about anything you may be or have been concerned about. 🙂 Hope you get better!

  8. He sees a little bump probably because he has no idea what the inside of a girl’s vagina is supposed to look like.

    It’s probably just a yeast infection, but you do need to see a doctor about it regardless, not just a trip to the pharmacy.

  9. it could be a yest infection but you should go see a doctor but you can go to a local clinic and get cheked out i went today for a check up so u can go without insurence and its cheap

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