Pregnant, vaginal discharge during bowel movement normal?

I am 6 weeks pregnant, I have not had a difficult time so far having bm's… but today when I strained to go, I had a lot of vaginal discharge come out… watery and light brownish… I don't want to strain and possibly miscarry… I've had some spotting off and on for a week… ultrasound shows ok, going tomorrow for hcg test to make sure that it's doubling like it's supposed to… just curious if straining can make more discharge come out and if so where is it coming from? Is it harmful and can it hurt my pregnancy?? This is my first pregnancy trying not to worry… anyone have any thing like this happen before?


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2 Responses to Pregnant, vaginal discharge during bowel movement normal?

  1. Sins Angel says:

    Hon, constipation and pregnancy go hand in hand. I'm 5 weeks along, and have not had a normal bm in 3. Just make sure you take your vitamins, and keep in touch with your doctor.
    Good luck!

  2. T.Y. says:

    i would go to the ER just cause of the discharge

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