postpartum stitches and vaginal infection…?


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i had a vaginal delivery one month before and just a week before i had a burning sensation while urinating…….n 3days before i went urgent care to evalute and i had bladder infection and thy put me on 5days antibiotic course and today is 4th day but thr is no change its same and i also saw the loose stitches…i m really worried is this infection or does it is related to mine stitches ….i m trying to reach ob/gyn md but couldnt get hold of them…i m really worried for mine stitches…and vaginal infection….how can i find whetther the stitches are healed or not…is it really a bladder infection or something else?

does somebody ever had a similar experience ..pls help


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  1. May need another round of antibiotics as for the stitches the cut and tear of the delivery can also cause a burning sensation when urinating, becareful with lifting and straining…..bowel movements, but loose stitches should be ok, don't panic and go see your Doctor on Monday. p.s. congrats !!!!!!

  2. well, i think one way of telling if the stitches are infected or not,is if they are reddish & stuff is coming out of them.

    if your going to the bathroom a lot & it burns is a sure sign of bladder infection, or it could be bladder spasms.

    try sitting in warm water, & you could put a tad of vinegar in it ,for ph balance. that'll ease the discomfort til you get to the gyn, & still would be adviseable afterwords too.

    Just try the sitting in water, you can even tee-tee in it. Urine is sterile,my dr said so it's safe to tee-tee in the water you're sitting in.

    i have a pan i sit in, one of them hospital pans & a hemrroid pan, keep the water warm, You may want to get a big tumbler of hot water beside you & refresh the water w/more warm water, & sit 15 min. at a time.

    hope you feel better, let me know if u will.

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